Corporate Services


"If we did all the things we are capable of, we would literally astound ourselves."

- Thomas A Edison

Corporate Services

The Harley Street Life Coach specialises in corporate wellbeing programmes – with emphasis on performance and productivity in the workplace.

We focus on the mind/ body connection and how they are intrinsically connected. There are options to add mindfulness and meditation workshops to bring peace of mind in the busy modern world, too.

We offer holistic therapies – in conjunction with learning workshops, so your employees can truly relax and de-stress, and get the most out of the workshop.

We pride ourselves on our collective experiences and qualifications to bring you the best of the best tried and tested techniques backed by the latest research that will change your mind and body for long lasting change in your life.

And we tailor our Corporate Wellbeing Programmes to the unique requirements of your organisation.

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Corporate wellbeing covers:

Emotional intelligence
Stress management
Anger management
Conflict resolution
Team building
Advanced communication techniques
Performance nutrition
smart exercise principles
Sales training
Group exercise
Staff transformation programmes
Residential retreats

Corporate Education Workshops

For corporate education programme prices may vary according to your company’s requirements. Please contact us using the links below for further information.

Increase your sales with Emotional Intelligence
Emotional intelligence: Managing your emotions and understanding others for performance at work
Motivation Mapping: Individual and Organisation Mapping

To find areas of weakness and opportunities for development, to get the best out of your team.

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'Strategies for Health and Optimum Performance Workshop'

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This is the ultimate programme for employee’s. It includes:

Motivational maps for each employee to understand individual needs and motivation to perform at their best, along with individual action plans and strategies to be the best of the best.

Health strategies with the latest exercise research, covering:

Beliefs: How they affect the results or the confusion in our physiology.
Nutritional  Strategies: Understand nutrition and your emotional connections to food, create nutritional plans that fit into your life  style.
Mind-set-go! (How to change your mind and get focused on what you really want!)
Motivation to move.. (movement is the cure all)
The art of moving your body and feeling amazing!
Learn how to move your body effectively  feeling energized and free without the “chore or guilt” of the old exercise mindset.
When you move you feel good, when you feel good and move you make better choices, when you feel good, move and make better choices you get fit, lose weight, eat less, feel energised and alive!
Let weightloss and feeling amazing be the side effects of movement!
When we move our bodies we automatically feel better, it’s so intuitive and inherent within all of us. It’s the forgotten art, it sounds so simple but it’s not actually, it’s become complicated and mind boggling, it’s taken many people down the road of confusion with the latest diet or training fad.

What are you exercising for?
What makes you want to eat healthy or “clean”?
How long can you eat “clean” for?, will it be 6-10 weeks or will it be a habit of a lifetime?

These are simple questions however they get you thinking about diet and exercise and whether it’s a “habit of a lifetime” or just a “fad”.

The diet and excercise industry is the biggest expanding business on the planet, with childhood obesity on the rise, and fat related illnesses on the increase, the world has created so many different ways to lose weight and exercise,  Jamie skipper has worked as a personal trainer and life coach for over 17 years, in that time he has seen trends of diets come and go, exercise buzz words like “hiit” and “tabata” training.

What does it all mean?, how do you decide what’s right for you when your bombarded with all this information daily?
Let Jamie educate you how  to come to your own decisions about “what’s right for you”, and understand how your beliefs and mindset affect your body and even your metabolism.

Jamie will help you understand in laymens terms how to “eat less and move more” without the complexity of all the latest diet fads.
There is a new science out there called epigenetics it’s an amazing breakthrough in science and helps us understand that our genetics and dna are not “set in stone”, and that our environment and behaviours can actually effect our genes and dna, even our future generations!

For those who dare to dream, there is a whole world to win.

― Dhirubhai Ambani


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