If we were to recreate your worst nightmare – the type of terrifying nightmare that makes the hairs on the back of your neck stand up. What would it look like?

Would it be someone sneaking into your home and releasing a giant box of angry spiders? You know those really creepy looking spiders, with fat bodies, spiky spine-chilling hairs and deep black evil eyes. How would you feel watching them run across the carpet and up the stairs – to hide out in your bedroom and take up residence in your shower?

Would it be being trapped in a tiny cupboard with the lights off or alone in a lift – feeling like the walls were closing in on you and every last drop of oxygen was slowly leaving your lungs?

The ones that hide under the sofa or creep into the shower, ready to pounce?

Being locked in a tiny cupboard or trapped in a lift? A clown hiding under the bed – ready to jump out on you?

So your scared of spider’s, or u won’t fly on a plane, or maybe u can’t go into small spaces, from a fear of clowns to the intense fear of buttons, they are all phobias and fears that can rule your life!

How would your life be different if I could help u remove any fear or phobia?

How would it change your life?

I like to use an old acronym F.E.A.R , false evidence that appeared REAL..

99% of the time our fears never manifest….

Phobias are the most intense form of fear, they come from different events or times in our lives, sometimes a phobia can be attached to a belief or a decision that was made along time ago, it served to protect us in some way or preserve us, sometimes the fear or phobia can be so long ago you may not remember it consciously..

Fear not…… nlp and time line therapy has all the answers, all you have to do is really really want to change, you want your fears or phobias to be causing you so much pain and holding you back.. Remember in the previous blog I said the most important rule to remember is “you get what you focus on”. Sometimes in coaching it’s good to focus on the very negative fears and phobias that hold you back!
Pain gives you great leverage to change, and it’s one of the many routes you can take to living an abundant fulfilled life.

Change will come whether you like it or not, your body is constantly changing, even your ego changes over time, the essence of who you are, the awareness in the back ground the “ghost in the machine” never changes, I am a firm believer in changing your beliefs and gaining awareness of your values system, I also believe in connecting with yourself beyond your thoughts and beliefs, the samurai called this state of mind “no mind”, bhuddists call it “stillness”, religions call it god, scientists call it the “alpha and delta states”, and they all agree on the benefits of these states of being.

The modern world likes to label these states as “meditation” or daydreaming, I like to call it stillness, in stillness when the mind has gaps between thoughts the gaps are the so called no-mind or alpha states, according to science we oscillate between thinking and non thinking, I like to coach on all levels, I always use the gaps to create space in between thoughts, and usually there are some amazing discoveries, it’s the “ahaa” moment the brief awakening of a negative thought or behaviour. Only when you shine the light of awareness on that negative thought or belief do you fully appreciate what it’s effect on you is..

To some it brings tears of joy or sadness as they recognise the futility and madness of the mind, to others it makes them chuckle, laugh or smile at their mind of thoughts and beliefs about the world.
That’s when change starts

That’s when the awareness the silent witness starts to shine on all areas of one’s life.


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